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The New Earth Circle is a non-denominational organisation of social utility which aims to preserve and continue the ancient traditions of the Natural Peoples, with particular reference to the culture of Native Europeans. A culture based on the fundamental principles of brotherhood, freedom and knowledge; the latter being understood also as an instrument of acquisition leading to personal happiness.

The Stone Circle of Dreamland, a project by Giancarlo Barbadoro, founder of the New Earth Circle, with the intention of giving continuity to the ancient culture of Druidic shamanism
The initiative aims to interpret the spirit and cultural values of the universal experience of Shan which, according to the definition of an ancient Native European language, means the immaterial and mystical identity of Nature. Shan can be understood as the Ancient Heart of the Natural Peoples, an experience which can be experimented through meditation and be found in a Tradition which is revealed between history and spirituality in the cultures of all the Natural Peoples of the past and of our present.
The New Earth Circle is inspired by the ancient Druidic shamanism and draws on the mystical and historical knowledge manifested by the “Tai Saar i Mnai”, the “Book of Heaven and Earth”, a valuable text containing the legacy of Tradition transmitted through the millennia from ancient times to the present day.
This text, written in the archaic Shannar language, manifests its exceptional value by taking up the legacy of the historical and moral experience of the entire planet, from the legendary era of the Grail to the time of the great post-Glacial barbarities which sadly shaped the current patriarchal order of the Earth.
The reference to the green jewel of the Grail that came from the sky to revolutionise the history of the planet for the future of mankind is associated with other legends that tell of a knowledge that came from the stars, in relation to the intuition that the night sky can inspire and to precise historical beliefs of all the peoples that inhabit the Earth.

The “Pierced Wheel” of the Celts, common to all Natural Peoples
The New Earth Circle is also inspired by the principles expressed in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Ecospirituality Manifesto of the Ecospirituality Foundation. Taking as reference the text “Natural Peoples and Ecospirituality” by Giancarlo Barbadoro and Rosalba Nattero, published with the support of the UN, High Commissioner for Human Rights, ecospirituality should be understood as the expression of the moral culture of Natural Peoples.
As is customary in the traditions of the Natural Peoples of the whole planet, the Circle of New Earth represents a “Sacred Circle” in which all meditators who wish to be part of it meet and recognise themselves. A spiritual circle that keeps ancient experiences of humanity alive, in which it is possible to experience personal inner growth thanks to the support of Tradition.
The dimension of the New Earth Circle seeks to interpret the spirit of the new world faced by every meditator as they embark upon their inner awakening. It ideally represents the dimension of the “World of Gwenved” proposed by the tradition of ancient Druidism. A dimension in which the individual can develop specific creative elements in the continuation of their inner experience, experiencing a sociality based on brotherhood and contributing to help others in their spiritual and day-to-day needs.

Giancarlo Barbadoro celebrates the Summer Solstice at the Stone Circle of Dreamland with an ancient druidic rite
The New Earth Circle follows the natural principles inspired by the practice of meditation, study and free research. In the spirit of the universality of its activity, it extends beyond all social distinction, race, species, gender and age, as expressed in the ancient Celtic poems that call for the realisation of a better world, based on the principles of peace and brotherhood among all creatures, freedom of thought and inalienable personal access to knowledge.
It proposes the study and cultural evocation of ancient traditions to develop and maintain a link with the ancestral roots of humanity, which can convey a sense of continuity and constitute universal values for every individual. It develops the research and conservation of the musical and artistic heritage of ancient traditions. It implements research aimed at building a historical memory of popular knowledge so that it is not forgotten. It works to safeguard and promote the artistic, historical and cultural heritage of the Natural Peoples and of all ethnic minorities, particularly the Celtic peoples, in all its musical, historical and philosophical expressions, so that this heritage can help enrich the experiential and spiritual memory of all mankind.
In order to develop a knowledge of the culture and identity of the Natural Peoples, it promotes research in the field of Anthropology. The hope is that this will create an understanding of the historical, cultural and experiential roots through intelligence has developed and formed on the planet over time. It proposes the experimentation of perceptual states of awareness for the development of the creative abilities of intellect, both in its relationship with the environment and on a strictly metaphysical level, and advocates the possibility of an equal relationship between the human species and other forms of intelligence, whatever they may be.

Summer Solstice at the Stone Circle
Within the realm of Ecospirituality, the New Earth Circle intends to work in harmony with all living beings on the planet, and also to ensure the Earth’s environmental health, in an intimate bond with the living and working forces of nature and the entire cosmos, paying attention to the manifestation of other intelligent life, however it may be understood outside the human species and the planet, and its possible ethical, social and cultural implications.
The New Earth Circle recognises the principle of pluralism and diversity of experiential pathways that operate in the shared search for a real knowledge of existence, going beyond dogmas and partisan interests. In this perspective, it develops its activities in mutual collaboration with all the organisations that correspond to its statutory purposes and share its intentions.

Meditation at the Stone Circle

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