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We are travellers seeking for the Grail and the last thing we want along our way is to be imprisoned by prejudice or any kind of dogma.
We have a dream, a utopian vision. We dream of a world where there is respect for Nature and all its inhabitants, where different cultures can live together in peace. A world where everyone is free to express their personal beliefs and opinions and where there is room for ideals. As we said, a dream. That ideal which every population has had to defend with blood in order to protect their right to be free.
In ancient times, the European continent was home to a great civilisation which has been wiped off the face of the earth and out of the history books. We have been stripped of our legends and traditions, but ancient signs still exist to remind us of our ancestral identity.
We want to keep the ancient European tradition alive, along with the universal values upheld by people in their harmonious relationship with Nature, reflecting an even older tradition that survives in stories that have been told since the ancient origins of mankind.
We also want to defend all the sacred places of the Natural Peoples of the planet. Many of these places are in danger and risk being snatched from those for whom they have been a spiritual reference for centuries. Many areas of land considered sacred by their Natives are still being violated in this new millennium.

The apparition of the Graal at the Round Table in a medieval print
This is not the re-proposal of an ancient folklore, but the expression of an adventure of life and freedom, which flows from the ancient roots of the past and continues to be relevant through time. An adventure that involves the whole of mankind and which stems from the ancient legend of the Grail (Graal in Latin), historicised by the myth of Phaeton, revealed in its Latin acronym: “Gnosis Recepta Ab Antiqua Luce”.
The native culture of the planet is still very much alive, not an exhibit to be kept in a glass case. Our aim is to convey the meaning of this adventure with you, the same way as it was shared with us and by all those before us who have tried to preserve it in its purity.
In the search for the Grail, we discover the brotherhood that binds us to all forms of life, the freedom of our being and the joy of life that comes from the knowledge of Shan, Nature in its real and immaterial aspect of the cosmology of ancient Druidic shamanism.
We want to devote our energies and our creativity to defending the freedom of the slaves of the third millennium, living beings who spend their lives in cages or in testing laboratories, their only “fault” lying in the fact that they belong to a different species to our own. Our “Holy Land” is a place where this suffering and these violations do not exist.
Our personal creativity, developed within the concept of Kemò-vad, or “dancing in the wind to be part of the force and immateriality of the wind”, is the expression of a direct mystical contact with Nature, free from intermediaries, which leads to the Mystery in which the meaning of existence is found.
Ours is a gesture of love, freedom and challenge: challenging everything that wants to harness creativity, imagination, ideas and respect for every living thing.
We pilgrims want to form a cultural movement that refers to the values of Nature in order to obtain the free interpretation of a personal natural spirituality, which represents a laboratory dedicated to research into the Invisible and a dimension of brotherhood that unites us in the same intentions.
Together, we have made a commitment to practice brotherhood, mutual trust, loyalty, solidarity, honour and merit, referring to the Mystery that lends meaning to our existence, the conquest of knowledge of the Void through the study, research and practice of meditation.

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