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Giancarlo Barbadoro, Founder and President of the New Earth Circle, passed away on 6 August 2019. He was a great artist, a poet, a warrior, a shaman.
He founded the New Earth Circle on 2 September 1986 in Scotland together with Rosalba Nattero and exponents of spiritual movements from all over the world with the intention of establishing a planetary spiritual community open to the participation of all those who wished to share the harmony of the philosophy of Nature, expressed by ecospirituality and based on the experience of meditation and on the universal values it expresses. A harmony and a brotherhood to be extended to all living species.
Since that moment the meditation spread throughout the world and gave life to spiritual movements of different ideologies, but united by the common intention to create a better world.
Giancarlo in his life has always fought for the weakest, from indigenous peoples to animals, for whom he had a great love.
Leave an unbridgeable void that nothing will fill.
We will carry on his teaching and his dream, that of a world based on brotherhood, harmony between all species, in the reference to Mother Earth.
Farewell, Giancarlo!

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