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Winter Solstice, December 21 2021

Declaration by Rosalba Nattero

Peace to everyone, many thanks to Thomas for inviting me.
My name is Rosalba Nattero, I am the President and Co-founder of the New Earth Circle.
I am honored to participate in this European Council and I warmly thank the president of this assembly for this opportunity.
Let me tell you about my organisation and what it does.

The New Earth Circle
New Earth Circle is an organisation founded by Giancarlo Barbadoro and me in 1986 in Scotland with spiritual leaders from all over the world following the principles of peace.
New Earth Circle has deep roots in the Ancient Heart of the Tradition of Druidic shamanism and is the result of a long journey into the history of Native Europeans.
Its founder, Giancarlo Barbadoro, druid and poet, passed away in 2019 leaving us a great intellectual legacy.
But above all, leaving us a mission: that of ecospirituality for a world based on peace.
We want to make a contribution to get out of the darkness in which humanity finds itself at this moment. "Post Tenebras Lux" is an ancient Druidic motto, adopted in recent times by the reformers.
After the darkness there will surely be light.
This is what we hope for.
The majority society offers us a world based on oppression, deceit and treachery.
History is written by the victors and for this reason little or nothing is known about the ancient traditions that preceded current history. Traditions such as that of the Celts, based on loyalty and courage. There seems to be no more room for these principles today.

Europe has a long traditional history that deserves to be rediscovered.
What my community intends to do is to make a contribution to peace spreading the concept of ecospirituality, a philosophy that Giancarlo Barbadoro saw as the solution to all the ills of humanity.
Ecospirituality is based on the relationship with Nature seen as our only true mother. The only true teacher. Nature, Mother Earth, makes us grow and stimulates us to evolve with her continuous teachings.
This philosophy was defined by me and Giancarlo together with various tribal leaders of Native Nations with whom we have relations within the United Nations and with whom we operate through the Ecospirituality Foundation, www.eco-spirituality.org.
Ecospirituality is a culture of peace and brotherhood that is based on meditation understood as a way of life. Brotherhood of all living beings on the planet, human and otherwise.

With this in mind we have created a movement:
The New Ecospiritual Renaissance, the details of which can be found at www.ecospiritualrenaissance.eu
I thank Thomas for joining this movement and I invite all of you to join in order to be many, united by the intent to improve the world.

I greet you with a wish of peace to everyone.
Brothers and Sisters, I hope to soon be able to meet you inside our great Stone Circle!

I would like to conclude with a poem by Giancarlo Barbadoro that can express the spirit of the New Earth Circle

Rosalba Nattero
President and Co-founder of New Earth Circle

by Giancarlo Barbadoro

If this is a world
If this is civilisation…
If this is our future…

There are no fairy tales
cheering up the lives
of us humans
crushed, beneath the yoke of barbarity…

You, Gods who are called on to testify
to the nobleness of humanity…
Where are you?

the life of this barbaric world
sprinkles its hours
with the decency of the losers.

Silently and without protesting
the death sentence is accepted

I see an old man
with his eyes full of bitter, sadness, fading away
in the loneliness of his memory

I see a mother crying
for her child
an innocent condemned to death
because for him
there is nothing except love
to nourish his life…

Why the pain?
White or black
we all have
the same problems.

How much love is needed ...
Let's not be fooled.
The other does not exist
to fear, to hate
There is no enemy to hate ...

We are always us.
We don't know how to love each other
all the way ...

Which we accept
like imbecile slaves
the arrogance of our masters ...

Autumn Equinox Gathering, September 20 2020

Declaration by Rosalba Nattero

ARA everyone, many thanks for inviting me.
My name is Rosalba Nattero, I am the President and Co-founder of the New Earth Circle.
I am honored to participate in this European Council of Druids, Bards and Poets and I warmly thank the president of this assembly for this opportunity.
Let me tell you about my organisation and what it does.

The New Earth Circle
New Earth Circle is an organisation founded by Giancarlo Barbadoro and me in 1986 in Scotland with spiritual leaders from all over the world following the principles of peace.
New Earth Circle has deep roots in the Ancient Heart of the Tradition of Druidic shamanism and is the result of a long journey into the history of Native Europeans.
New Earth Circle draws from ancient Druidic shamanism, especially the mystical and historical knowledge from the "Tai Saar i Mnai", the "Book of Heaven and Earth". That is a precious text handed down by the keepers of the Tradition and it contains the legacy passed over millennia from ancient times to our days.
It was written in the archaic Shannar language and is a very important collection of the legacy of the historical and moral experience of all the planet, from the legendary age of the Grail to the more recent barbaric times after the ice age when the Earth has sadly become a patriarchal domain.
The ways of the Druidic Tradition can be mysterious at times; one of them travelled from ancient times to reach the founder of the New Earth Circle.
The New Earth Circle has very ancient origins. Since the Middle Ages, other traditional communities such as those of Ireland, Scotland and France have transmitted the values and experience of the culture of ancient Native Europeans. The history of the New Earth Circle unfolds through time, keeping alive the wonderful adventure of the Tradition. Everyone who meditates can feel its ancestral and planetary dimension and bring it to life with their own participation and creativity.
The initiative has arisen in our time from the moral convergence of several communities, from all over the continent, belonging to the same ancient tradition of Native Europeans, with a view to operating culturally in modern history, but with new socio-cultural ideas.
This culture stands on the fundamental principles of brotherhood, freedom and knowledge; the last of these is also seen as an instrument for realising personal happiness. The initiative aims to interpret the spirit and cultural values of the universal experience of Shan. An ancient Native European language defines Shan as the immaterial and mystical identity of Nature.
Shan can be understood as the Ancient Heart of the Natural Peoples, who rely on Nature and have kept their traditions intact, safe from religious and historical persecutions.
It is an experience that can be experimented with using meditation and can be seen in a Traditional way between history and spirituality in the cultures of all Natural Peoples, both past and present.

The Founder
Giancarlo Barbadoro, Founder of the New Earth Circle, passed away on 6 August 2019.
He was a musician, poet, journalist and researcher. He was considered a warrior and a shaman.
He founded the New Earth Circle on 2 September 1986 in Scotland together with myself and spiritual guides from all over the world. The aim was to create a global spiritual community open to all those who wish to share the harmony of the philosophy of Nature, expressed by ecospirituality and based on the experience of meditation. Harmony and brotherhood to be shared with all living beings.
The story of his life is extraordinary: at a very young age, in a clearing in the forest where he lived, he met someone who told him about an ancient indigenous tradition associated with Druidic shamanism. They continued to meet for several years and he learned about an alternative history of the planet.
After that, he lived two lives: one in majority society and one as a member of an indigenous community, as is the case with many natives belonging to tribal communities.
This event led him to devote his life to discovering the traditions of Native Europeans and to spreading a culture that he believed had been stolen from us, preventing us from knowing our true origins.
His relations with the Celtic families helped him discover other facets of Druidic shamanism; in Brittany, in the heart of the Brocéliande Forest, he was trained in the Nah-sinnar, the Music of the Void. He played this on his flute with a very special technique that created unique perceptive states and shamanic visions.
In the Druidic community of Paimpont, also in Brittany, he learnt the discipline of Kemň-vad, an ancient technique based on both dynamic and static meditation, heritage of Native Europeans.
The education he received in his community was a real shamanic journey, formed from myths, legends and ancient traditions. These legends and, especially the myth of Phaeton, linked to that of the Grail, were the impulse for much of his research and ideas.
The reference to the green gem of the Grail that came from the sky to change the history of the planet for the future of mankind is associated with various other legends. They all talk of knowledge coming from the stars. Both for the intuition that the night sky can inspire and for precise historical beliefs of all peoples of the planet.
The legend of Phaeton, as interpreted by indigenous communities, is a tale from the remote past, even before people appeared as they do now. The legend says superior beings came down to earth from space and gave immense knowledge to mankind. It is said it happened in the Susa Valley, in northern Piedmont and gave rise to the ancient legendary megalithic city of Rama.
This legend impressed Giancarlo and influenced him for the rest of his life. His discoveries involving the city of Rama, starting from almost 50 years ago, have been a guideline for a number of researchers.
He was an avid follower of megalithism and founded the Ecovillage of Dreamland, where he had a large stone circle erected. His aim was to keep Celtic culture alive and to combat the destruction of megalithic temples, which unfortunately occurred everywhere in the past and still happens today, especially in Italy.
The rites of the Solstices and Equinoxes are celebrated within the Stone Circle of Dreamland.
In his life, he always stood up for the weakest, especially indigenous peoples and animals. He was an animal rights activist, a cause he cared for more than any other as he considered them the most unfortunate beings on Earth.
He was also active in defence of the rights of the indigenous peoples and their traditions. Together with representatives of native communities from all over the world, he founded Ecospirituality Foundation, to spread the concept of ecospirituality, which he believed could solve all the ills of a sick society based on anthropocentrism.
In his relationship with the exponents of the Druidic tradition, Giancarlo Barbadoro was awarded the title of “Ancient”. His task was to preserve and transmit the ancient Tradition of the philosophy of meditation.
Indeed, Giancarlo Barbadoro spent his entire life collecting and preserving the pieces of the Druidic tradition, an immense amount of rites, symbols, legends, testimonies.
A priceless legacy that the New Earth Circle community preserves carefully.

The New Earth Circle Community
The New Earth Circle School of Meditation is inspired by the principles of Druidic Shamanism. It unites anyone who wish to improve their lives by following principles of peace and brotherhood. Over the years, a lot of people have joined the school and are taking their history back, a history that has been denied to us by the repression that Native Europeans have suffered.
The Native Europeans, who we can identify with the Celts, represent the example of a history that is usually denied. A traditional identity of those free men who sought to maintain a relationship with the mystery of existence on European soil, trying to escape the censorship and religious persecutions.This heritage is carried on by those who have held the Tradition dear, that is, the Druids.
Today, the ancient European traditions survive in the native communities, which keep the reference to the ancient traditions of Native Europeans alive, and their sacred places are still used to celebrate religious and social rites. These indigenous communities are also present in Northern Italy, as in the case of the New Earth Circle Community.

Ecospirituality and the efforts at the UN for a better world
Over the years, New Earth Circle has set up a lot of initiatives aimed at achieving peace and making a contribution to a better world.
New Earth Circle created Ecospirituality Foundation, a body recognised by the UN as an NGO in Consultative Status with the United Nations, because of its work in defence of the sacred places of indigenous peoples around the world.
Giancarlo Barbadoro and I have been appointed representatives of five Native communities from all continents. We presented their claims in defence of their sacred places to the UN seats in Geneva and New York, a work that still goes on.
To defend the sacred places of Native Peoples, Ecospirituality Foundation has fought – and continues to do so – alongside the Apaches in defence of Mount Graham, their most sacred site. In the same way, it sided with the Bassa People from Cameroon in defence of their sacred mountain Ngog Lituba, with the Australian Aborigines for the recovery of their Ancestors’ remains, and with the Breton Community in defence of their highest sacred place, the Menhirs of Carnac.
Above all, Giancarlo Barbadoro was considered the theorist of ecospirituality, a term coined together with the representatives of Tribal Councils from all continents with whom he founded the Ecospirituality Foundation to spread the philosophy of ecospirituality.
The Ecospirituality Foundation has offices in Africa, too.

Music and poetry
Music and poetry play an important role in the activities of the New Earth Circle. Giancarlo Barbadoro and I founded the Celtic music group LabGraal, a group of 5 musicians who want to rediscover the ancient Celtic and shamanic music. Giancarlo performed both as a poet and flautist. The group's purpose is to keep alive the musical roots of the Native Europeans and to convey – through music, poetry and dance – the values of Druid society, based on harmony and brotherhood.

Defence of animal rights
New Earth Circle and its initiatives aim to protect Mother Earth and all her children. Ecospirituality is a way of life that draws from the ancient philosophies of Natural Peoples of the planet. Man is not seen as absolute ruler of all creation, with the power of life and death over all other species, but is considered an equal among everything that lives.
The inner harmony that a person can feel when inspired by the teaching of Nature – the only true mother – leads them to extend such harmony to all that surrounds them, with full respect for the planet and all its inhabitants, no matter what species they belong to.
Following these principles, we are led to completely reconsider our relationship with the Earth and other life forms. We are all children of Mother Earth and non-human animals are our brothers. Sadly, in this historical time there is no respect for non-human animals nor for Mother Earth.
This is why New Earth Circle strives for harmony and contributing to a better world by supporting initiatives in defence of animal rights.

The planetary meditation on Tuesdays
Since its birth, the New Earth Circle has worked for the global spreading of meditation, considering it an instrument of growth and inner harmony that is inspired by Nature in its global meaning.
With this in mind, the New Earth Circle has supported, since its very beginning, the Worldwide meditation initiative that takes place every Tuesday at 9 pm, Paris time. An initiative dedicated to Mother Earth and all her children to make a contribution of peace and spirituality that embraces the entire planet.

The purposes of the New Earth Circle
As in the traditions of the Natural Peoples of the entire planet, the New Earth Circle represents a "Sacred Circle" where all meditants can meet and recognise themselves.
A spiritual circle that keeps ancient experiences of humanity alive, in which a personal growth is possible thanks to the support of the Tradition.
New Earth Circle interprets the spirit of the new world faced by every meditant who realizes his own inner awakening. It represents the "World of Gwenved" proposed by the tradition of ancient Druidism. A dimension to express one’s own creativity and a sociality based on brotherhood.
The New Earth Circle is inspired by the spirit expressed in the ancient Celtic poems for the realisation of a better world, based on the principles of peace and brotherhood among all creatures, freedom of thought and free personal access to knowledge.
It works to safeguard and promote the artistic, historical and cultural heritage of the Natural Peoples, especially the Celtic peoples, in all its expressions, so that this heritage can enrich the spiritual memory of all mankind.

My personal mission and commitment are to preserve and pass on the precious wealth of ancestral knowledge transmitted to me by the founder of the New Earth Circle.

I would like to conclude with a poem by Giancarlo Barbadoro that embodies the spirit of the New Earth Circle.


by Giancarlo Barbadoro

We were all there.
We did not know
that one day
we would have existed.
We could not know it.
But we were all there
in an infinite moment
at the start of the universe.
We were all there,
With the immense mountains
With the deep seas.
With the future perfumes
of the spring.
There already was my face
in the mirror of infinity.
There already was the sky of stars
that I would admire
asking myself whom I was.
There was everyone
We were all
an only single thing.
We were all “there”
in an infinite point
from which would begin
our existence.

I leave you with a farewell in the Shannar language of ancient Druidic shamanism:
ARA Brothers and Sisters!
I hope to meet you soon within our great Stone Circle!

Rosalba Nattero
President and Co-founder of New Earth Circle


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