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The birth of the New Earth Circle

The New Earth Circle has deep roots in the Ancient Heart of the Tradition of the Natural Peoples and is the outcome of a long journey into the chronicles and history of Native Europeans, developed over time through a series of events that have outlined its distinctive characteristics.
It has been preceded by other traditional communities dating back as far back as the Middle Ages. Based particularly in Ireland, Scotland and France, these communities have passed on the values and experience of the culture of the ancient Native Europeans. The events of the history of the New Earth Circle unfold through time, lending continuity to the wonderful adventure of Tradition that every meditator who identifies with their ancestral and planetary dimension, brings to life with their own participation and creativity.
The initiative has arisen in our time from the moral convergence of several communities, scattered throughout the continent, belonging to the same ancient tradition of Native Europeans, with a view to operating culturally in terms of contemporary history, subject to new socio-cultural scenarios.
The New Earth Circle was founded on Tuesday 2 September 1986 in Scotland, at Minton House, in the ancient Scottish home of Judith Meynell, near the town of Forres in the Highlands, under the auspices of a vast number of spiritual guides from all over the world, who made a commitment to defend the initiative. It was then that Giancarlo Barbadoro and Rosalba Nattero met with Eileen Caddy, founder of the Findhorn community in Scotland, who was linked to the ancient community of the “Red Rose Circle” in Edinburgh, which worked in conjunction with the Italian community, the “Rose Circle”.
Barbadoro and Nattero were there to promote the idea of extending the spirit of the Tradition of the Rose to the historical and cultural opportunities of the planetary society of the new millennium, forming a new organisation with a structural capacity to do so.
The meeting unexpectedly drew Elders from every country on Earth, all mysteriously called to a common appointment, in the same place and at the same time, each of them following those particular signs that so often inspire important changes in our lives. Their presence represented significant operational support and communication to the venture that would later be embodied in the New Earth Circle.
It came naturally to them, at Minton House, to gather in a shared meditation that would intimately unite all those present. Everyone who was there found themselves united, irrespective of the specific nature of their communities and countries of origin, by the with the same intent to contribute to the wellbeing of the individual and of humanity, benefiting from their shared traditional background.
Just as it came naturally to everyone to identify with an act that united the various ideological orientations in ae single spiritual direction that was greater than its individual parts, everyone was naturally willing to convey continuity to the event experienced in meditation.
Giancarlo Barbadoro and Rosalba Nattero saw this perspective of spiritual union as a chance to produce a tool to promote meditation all over the planet. So they proposed the idea of setting up an organisation that would highlight the spirituality of the Natural Peoples which, whilst referring to the culture of the Native Europeans, would have an international character with the aim of synergistically living and proposing the experience of meditation, in the universalistic spirit generated by the meditation that all those presented had shared during the meeting.
They asked those present to make a spiritual contribution, continuing to work together after saying their goodbyes, regardless of their individual schools of thought, in order to achieve a tangible manifestation of spirituality and transcendence through the practice of meditation, which could contribute to peace in the world.
The idea was to establish a planetary spiritual community open to the participation of all those who wish to share the Harmony inherent in the philosophy of Nature, expressed by ecospirituality and based on the experience of meditation and the universal values it expresses.
The proposal was enthusiastically accepted by all those present. An organisation was set up and, at the proposal of Nattero and Barbadoro, it was called the “New Earth Circle”, referring to the Sacred Circle of those who practice the search for the transcendent, in keeping with the traditions of the Natural Peoples.

The Celtic god known as Cernunnos in the “Posture of the Sage” of ancient Druidic shamanism
The name “New Earth Circle” was chosen with the idea of wanting the ideally rebuild a new Eden in mind. “Earth” was chosen precisely because it represented the modern diction of the ancient name that had been given by our ancestors to the planet in memory of the heavenly initiators of mankind who, as the legend of the Grail reminds us, brought knowledge to our world, transforming it into the ancestral Eden.
This name echoed the ancient legends that are the roots of the history of mankind. Especially that of Phaeton, the historical representation of the legend of the Grail. From his Cromlech, Phaeton gave mankind the Hatmar, the wheel of the Hats, the archetypes of knowledge. The ancient name of Eden was Aart-tah, which evolved into Art’th and then Earth, a term ever-present in the cultures of the various peoples of the Earth. The term Aard, the etymological root of our planet’s name, is still present today in modern German, Danish, Dutch and English. It was present in ancient Saxon and Gaelic, in Arabic and Hebrew, in the ancient Assyrian idiom, Aramaic and ancient Phoenician, through to the modern Latin interpretation of “Earth”.
The first members of the New Earth Circle were Giancarlo Barbadoro and Rosalba Nattero (Turin, Italy), Eileen Caddy (Findhorn, Scotland), Edmee Di Pauli (London, UK), Arlette Nathanael (London, UK), Karyn Martyn-Kuri (Centerville, USA), Elinor Detinger (Netherlands), Helen Hypatia Bailey-Bayly (New York, USA), Judith Meynell (Forres, Scotland), Yanick David (Paris, France), Leon Moscona (Sofia, Bulgaria), A.A. Thikonoff (Moscow, Russia) and Huan Han Tsi (Beijing, China). They were subsequently joined by Ola Cassadore and Mike Davis (Apache San Carlos, Arizona).
Giancarlo Barbadoro and Rosalba Nattero were appointed by the new group to act as General Secretariat, managing the future activities of the New Earth Circle and drawing up a moral charter which would then be used by each of the other Elders gathered to work on the dissemination of meditation in their respective countries.
The idea that the New Earth Circle should be based in Turin, a place considered to be an important historical reference for Native Europeans, theatre of the events surrounding Phaeton and his relationship with the legend of the Grail, which represented the origins of the Tradition, was proposed and accepted.
The idea was shared by everyone and, upon leaving the building, but before saying their goodbyes, they all made a solemn commitment, under an incredible starry Scottish sky, to follow on from their spiritual encounter and, regardless of all partisan dogma, to disseminate the experience of meditation on the planet as a laboratory of inner exploration and wellbeing for all.

The aims of the New Earth Circle

The first fundamental institutional foundations of the New Earth Circle were laid under the immense starry sky of Scotland.
Its first action consisted in making the New Earth Circle a spiritual community based on the experience of meditation, with a view to bringing together all meditators who wished to be part of it, to represent a sacred space in which to share mutual experiences and every possible human relationship.
The second was about activating a School of Meditation within the New Earth Circle, a sort of inner laboratory, offering the opportunity to thoroughly explore the experience. An initiatory circle of the Grail, in which to transmit ancient knowledge of the Tradition of Natural Peoples, from cosmology to the mystical experience of the Vision, from meditation to natural therapeutics. A laboratory of the spirit that could make a suitable contribution to the inner growth of individuals and to the spread of meditation on the planet.
The third operational act was to disseminate the experience of meditation, setting up the Tuesday Planetary Meditation Project, meeting on the day of the first historic meeting and open to all those who wish to join together to promote a testimony of peace and planetary spirituality. With the dissemination of specific courses such as the practice of Kemò-vad, an ancient form of dynamic meditation, typical of European Druidic culture. And, lastly, through a series of other initiatives and cultural appointments which anyone could attend.
Since that remote day in 1986, the practice of meditation has spread spontaneously throughout the planet. Every Tuesday, everywhere in the world, at 9 p.m. CET-Central European Time, people of all races and philosophical beliefs come together in meditation to bear witness to spirituality as an example for world peace. An event that has led to an effective dissemination of the experience of meditation throughout the planet, previously known and practiced only by an elite few.
Today the initiative is shared and supported by the Ecospirituality Foundation, a moral emanation of the CNT, on account of its experiential and cultural scope, in order to help spread it and offer its members and supporters the opportunity to take part in it. Based on the needs of most of those who take part in the initiative, midnight (12 a.m. CET) on the first Tuesday of every month has been agreed upon as the new moment of planetary appointment.
Participation in this planetary appointment involves nothing more than a moment of contemplation and inner silence, dedicated to oneself and to the ideal of Peace for all the peoples of the planet. Each one using their own methods and practices of execution, alone or in the company of those who want to take part in the initiative.
Tuesday planetary meditation represents an important personal contribution which, besides involving participants in a great moral undertaking and contributing to personal well-being, can open up the way to the experience of the planetary dimension of our world.

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