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The New Earth Circle proposes the experience of Meditation Circles in order to make the practice of meditation concrete on the level of community and joint participation.
All members of the New Earth Circle have the right to participate in the Tuesday meditation both individually and collectively gathered in Meditation Circles, to give their experiential contribution and to obtain the benefits that derive from this experience.
The Ecospirituality Foundation, the School of Kemò-vad Sole Nero and the Dreamland Foundation join the initiative.

How to build a Meditation Circle

Even if meditation is a purely personal experience, the implementation of meditation on one's own may, however, sooner or later be hampered by the impossibility of being able to express it and to be able to fully verify all its creative manifestations. In this regard, any cultural suggestions of various kinds, personal expectations and the lack of constancy in carrying out the experience alone may intervene, unwittingly.
For this reason, one can think of obviating these drawbacks by practicing meditation with other people who are interested in experiencing it.
The millenary practice of meditation suggests the use of the experiential support tool represented by the meditation circle which, in its practices and in its meeting opportunity, allows the extension of the individual meditation experience to a group dimension in which to implement a deepening and mutual natural verification of the lived experience.
In the dimension of the meditation circle it is possible to create an individual growth tool consisting of the activity of study in common and the opportunity for mutual comparison, as well as creating human relationships based on the common experience of meditation that can fulfill personal daily needs. On this occasion, in addition to experiencing the direct experience of meditation, specific spontaneous cultural initiatives can also arise, according to the free creativity of the participants of the circle, which can constitute a possible further extension of verification and creativity in everyday life.
There is also a magical aspect to creating a "meditation circle". An ancient saying of the Druidic shamanism of the European natives narrates that: "Whenever two or more meditators gather together in a circle, entering into silence to realize the Shan, they will never be alone abandoned to themselves and in fear of how many will be their enemies. The secret nature of the Shan will be present among them in that instant, and they will be able to ask for anything, anything they need, for themselves and for anyone else who is in need. "
To set up a meditation circle it is sufficient to invite friends with whom you can share the experience to participate in a weekly meeting. Experience in this regard suggests to always be at the same day and at the same time to give a constant rhythm and continuity to the work of the circle itself.

The Planetary Meditation on Tuesday

To those who intend to establish a Meditation Circle, it is suggested to refer to the common meeting of the "Planetary Meditation of Tuesday" which brings together in an ideal planetary circle people from every country and every cultural orientation in a single spiritual synergy.
The planetary meditation appointment takes place every Tuesday at 9pm (8pm Greenwich Mean Time).
The initiative was promoted in 1986 by Rosalba Nattero and by Giancarlo Barbadoro in the first instance through the New Earth Circle, an international moral organization that was born spontaneously by various exponents of the culture of meditation from all over the planet, who gathered precisely on a Tuesday, in Scotland in the Highlands for an important spiritual meeting that gave rise to the initiative.
Due to its incisive experiential and moral implication, the initiative was therefore adopted by the Ecospirituality Foundation, an organization in consultative status with the United Nations.

Meditation with Nah-sinnar

For Meditation Circles we recommend meditation conducted with the support of Nah-sinnar, the music of the Void of ancient Druidic shamanism.
Today this practice is taught in the Kemò-vad "Black Sun" School, born with the intention of disseminating the ancient techniques of European Druidism. This School, to allow the experience of meditation free from mortgages of all kinds, proposes the use of the particular music of ancient Druidic shamanism as a personal tool for meditation without constraints. The Nah-sinnar can serve, in fact, as an inner guide for an easy practice of meditation, without undergoing the drawbacks of any didactic training, at least in the preparatory access to meditation, allowing a useful experience for the search for a sure source of teaching.
Meditation with the music of Nah-sinnar can also be useful to those who already practice it, but encounter difficulties in obtaining decisive and immediate results for reasons of time and personal attitude. It can be useful for those who feel the need to put order in their long series of self-taught and discontinuous experiences.
Meditation with the Music of the Void can be used, more specifically, to those who are looking for a simpler practice than meditation, which can be of support and which complements the one already practiced.

Some simple tips:

  • You start by choosing an environment where there are no possible causes of disturbance. Then sitting quietly on the ground in the ancient posture of Shan meditation, crossing the legs (the left behind the right), or taking a seat on a comfortable chair that secures the spine in an upright position.
  • When the music starts, take a deep breath, close your eyes and place your hands in your lap according to the Keltic Platz (the posture of the Sage), with the back of the left hand on the palm of the right one. Remain seated straight on the spine without having to make any muscular effort.
  • Take to breathe calmly inhaling through the nostrils, holding the breath and exhaling with parted lips without being able to hear the air coming out. Then repeat for a few breathing cycles. The inhalation will have to last a time of spontaneous action, the restraint as well, the exhalation will instead of two times relative to that of the inhalation.
  • Do not follow the melody, but let yourself be enveloped by the music as if by a cascade of purifying notes.
  • The whole exercise must be performed by checking with one's own conscious attention the operation that takes place. Taking care not to follow thoughts, but paying attention to the music in its entirety.
  • Remain in that condition without being distracted by thoughts, but paying attention only to the music.
  • When the music stops, take another deep breath, bring your hands to your knees and open your eyes.
  • Before freeing yourself from the posture, remain silent for a few moments to evaluate the experience made by comparing it with the current one, after returning from meditation.
Anyone wishing to activate a Meditation Circle and join the planetary community of meditators within the New Earth Circle can write to: info@newearthcircle.org or info@eco-spirituality.org

Infoline: info@newearthcircle.org


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